Osaka offers an immersive experience, fusing Nikkei-style cuisine with captivating decor. Meticulously designed with Japanese and Peruvian influences, our venue creates a memorable atmosphere. Elevate the Osaka culture with over 200 playlists, adding a rhythmic dimension to your experience.


Welcome to Osaka Nikkei – where Peruvian and Japanese culinary traditions fuse into a unique dining destination. With over two decades of history, our restaurant is a hub for adventurers and food enthusiasts. Feel the vibrant energy and savor an enchanting fusion of Peruvian and Japanese flavors in a chic and vibrant setting.

Osaka Nikkei promises an unforgettable journey, captivating your senses and celebrating the pleasures of life.


This journey started with two Diegos and a beach shack, driven by an unwavering passion for culinary innovation. In 2002, Osaka debuted in Lima, blending Japanese and Peruvian flavors. The Osaka wave reached Buenos Aires by 2005 and Chile by 2008, sparking a growing adventure.

With nine vibrant restaurants in Latin America and one in the USA, our journey continues. In 2024, we’ll expand to Chicago, Madrid and Dubai, followed by Mexico City in 2025. Join us on this thrilling culinary journey at Osaka Nikkei, where the fun is just beginning.


Osaka brings together Japan and Peru, offering a distinctive dining experience. Our menu combines a hundred years of culinary history, merging Japanese precision with bold Peruvian flavors.

Dive into the Nikkei cuisine, where traditional Japanese techniques meet the vibrant and diverse ingredients of Peru. Explore tradition–defying signature dishes and embark on a culinary journey that extends across continents, creating unforgettable memories. It’s more than a meal; it’s a harmonious blend of two culinary worlds, transporting you to a realm of fun and excitement.


Osaka’s beverage selection complements its cuisine. Savor Pisco-based cocktails with Japanese influences, featuring yuzu or matcha. Explore diverse flavors of traditional Japanese sake.

Specialty cocktails incorporate unique ingredients like shiso leaves and Peruvian fruits, adding creativity and flair to your dining experience.


Music is integral to Osaka’s DNA, enhancing every visit with specially curated soundtracks. Our Osaka Sounds music platform features distinct labels, each conveying a unique experience and vibe. Enjoy playlists privately or immerse yourself in DJ sets crafted around each label’s identity.


Hold onto your chopsticks because Osaka is on a global culinary adventure, spreading like wildfire! Currently sizzling in nine vibrant restaurants across Latin America and one in the USA, Osaka is set to expand its irresistible experience to Chicago and Madrid in 2024, followed by Mexico City in 2025. Join us on this exciting journey with Osaka Nikkei, where the fun is just beginning.